• Bookminder - cover

      Magick and the truth.
      Through both, Liara may unravel the mystery of her origins. But at what cost?


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      And locally in Wisconsin from:The Little Read Book

      New Apple Literary Medallion 2017 Ozma Awards, Best in Category, Fantasy 2017

    • Kithseeker - cover

      Some things are better left lost...
      ...some secrets better left concealed.

      Amazon - (preorder only) Releasing August 2018

      • Anthologies

        • Amid a cacophony of cranking sprockets and cogs, in chuffs of steam and soot, comes the expansion of classic literature into alternative Steampunk masterpieces. Follow nine skilled authors as they lead old friends and new acquaintances through Jamaica, Singapore, Cape Town, Denmark, Paris, London, and Geneva on a phantasmagorical Steampunk World Tour.

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        • By popular demand, a companion book to the original Mechanized Masterpieces. Ride into the Wild West with ten steampunked expansions of classic American tales.

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        • Delve into myth and legend, where the Fates force post-modern man into a world of the unknown—a world long since dismissed as ignorant superstition.

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