• “Bookminder” inspiration and other ephemera

    • Where did Liara come from?

      My connections to the Milwaukee Croatian community played a big role in the germination of the 'Bookminder' story. And I credit a trip to Croatia in 1997 as the way in which I discovered the magic still present in that part of the world.

      To that end, Dvigrad is a real place.

      The ruins can be visited.

      Equally important is my time spent in the Collection Preservation Dept of U.W.-Madison's Memorial Library (and subsequent decision to become a degreed librarian.) It was in working amongst dilapidated materials wrecked by time and over-zealous researchers that I learned who Liara was and what she was doing around all those books.

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    • Special Thanks

      • The great folks at Xchyler Publishing (SKY-ler -- like some of the terms in my stories, they, too require a pronunciation guide) have made my writing career a reality. Thanks to the team there for seeing my stories as worthwhile. Also, check out some of the work by my fellow authors...

        Artist for the “Bookminder” cover -
        Supreme thanks to Egle Zioma for making it possible for everyone to see my imaginary friends! Find her art here.

        Credit where credit is due

        I chose a pre-fab theme to build my website because I wanted control over my design without also starting from scratch but I'd be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the lovely folks behind the basic design, FreeWebsiteTemplates.com (Thanks, guys. I broke your site six ways from Sunday and still got it to do what I wanted. Kudos!)

  • Ephemera

    Ephemera (“...transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved.” Wikipedia)

    I tend to write everything out long-hand before I do anything on the computer, save for when I have a research question that requires the internet. (e.g. What plants could feasibly grow in a garden in Istria in 1680?) This has given me some fun things to look back on as this project has grown.

  • Cviće moje

    Lastly, I mentioned above that my Croatian heritage is important to me. There's a song in Bookminder that I searched long and hard to find. Here is one splendid rendition of “Cviće moje” by Klapa Šušur