Sketches, etc.

  • Me: I do not claim to be an artist.

    You: So, why are these on your website?

    Me: Because I like to draw and paint. Even if I'm just passable, it is a passion. So I'm sharing it here.

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    Flying the Blue Pigeon

    They'll save the world . . .

    if they don't kill each other first.

    A steampunk serial, follow the “Majesterial Department of Protection for Gentlemen Inventors and Scientific Advancement” though their misadventures, the daily toil of bureaucracy, and the challenges of simply getting along with one another.


    Rue Dobbs is a self-styled classic PI (read: broke) in a world gone Google. What does a Private Eye do in the 21st century, you ask? Well, not much. Enter Ms. Millicent DeLange. Colorful, monied and, oh yes, a mystic.

    Follow the misadventures of Rue Dobbs and Millicent DeLange as they attempt to make their modern PI-meets-Medium agency work.