New “Sherlock” stories? 👀 *watch this space*

My bees are winter-wrapped, I’ve a goodly supply of tea, and I am in the midst of dragging out the sweaters, scarves, and ear muffs from the cedar chest. Perfect weather for writi–

*record scratch*

You would think I’ve managed to be further along on things. It’s been a bit, yeah? But … well, life happened. And so I am only now returning to writing on the regular. I am pounding the keyboard and using up tons of ink and paper, though. And I’ve a title for the next “Sherlock” book. (Yes, I’ve other books promised that have popped deeper into the queue per some research wrinkles and the demands of The Muse.)

I’ve added a progress bar for Sherlock Holmes & the Silver Cord and am so very excited about the direction this new story is taking.

Stay tuned

and, as always, happy reading! – M.K.