“Silver Cord” on pre-release!! Wahoo!

At long last… Sherlock Holmes & the Silver Cord is available for pre-orders now. Isn’t that a gorgeous cover? 👀🥰 I’ll admit to a fair bit of excitement on this one. Perhaps that’s also due to the fact that the books which have been sitting in a productivity log-jam behind it are gnawing at my brain and it helps to look the other way. 😅 (I have some new research to do if I am to move forward on one of them rather than backwards, backwards, backwards. My delete key’s been getting a workout. Oops.) So, yep, that’s the news of the day and it sure is pretty.

Stay safe, stay healthy, dear reader,

and, as always, happy reading! – M.K.

Cover for Sherlock Holmes & the Silver Cord depicting an extinguished candle, white pawn chess piece, and various sheets of paper all set against a dark green background.